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connecting with nature and the world through sketching

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Sketching Around the World

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Original Watercolor Cards & Small Paintings

Why I Love to Sketch:

There has never been a better time to start a sketching habit.

  • Connect with Nature & the World
  • Focus & Observe
  • Sustainable
  • Fun

Traveling Thoughts

  • Coming Back — Again and Again
    It’s happened many times in my life— my first impression of a place grows into something much deeper when I visit multiple times. Last spring of 2021, I started exploring a small area of Castlewood Canyon State Park, near Castlerock, […]
  • Sketching Native Plants in Utah’s Parks
    Quick Sketches while hiking Utah’s National Parks.
  • Sketching the Geology of Utah
    I love plants and am a native plant master in Colorado. I like to say that plants don’t fly or run away like birds and animals, and their life spans are understandable. Geologic time and processes have been more elusive […]